Thanks to the contributions of an outstanding faculty, an attentive and inquisitive audience, and the generous support of industry, the 30th anniversary Interventional Cardiology Snowmass meeting was a great success. I do not have enough words to express my appreciation to all who have contributed to our symposia over the past thirty years.

     During these three decades we have assembled the best and the brightest interventional cardiologists from more than thirty countries in a venue conducive to learning, original thought and productive discussions. Deals have been made and sealed at this meeting. Major studies (e.g., SYNTAX) have been initiated as a result of discussions begun at this meeting. Doctors from countries traditionally hostile to each other have come together as colleagues working toward a common purpose. Previously unknown young scientists have been "discovered,"  and I have had the pleasure of watching their careers blossom.

     It is impossible for one man to keep a meeting fresh and relevant for thirty years. It is only through the tireless efforts of our scientific committee members that we have been able to keep the Interventional Cardiology Snowmass Symposia on the cutting edge of our discipline. My sincere thanks to all of you.

     It is our goal and mission to make the next thirty years as interesting and innovative as the last thirty. This begins with our new and improved website on which we will routinely post talks from previous meetings. It continues with the themes for our March 2016 meeting which will focus on bioresorbable vascular scaffolds (BRS), structural heart disease  (aortic and mitral valve interventions and atrial appendage closure), prevention and treatment of congestive heart failure, and state of the art of cardiac and coronary imaging. As always, my charge to the scientific committee will be to bring faculty who will present on topics apropos to that which is happening in each country. We will continue our focus on international perspectives, a concept initiated by Andreas Gruentzig and as important today as it was in 1977.

     Looking forward to seeing you in Snowmass next March.

                                                                                      Jim Margolis


March 6 -11, 2016

Interventional Cardiology Snowmass